Pearl 1965 Sprite 400

When James and Natasha found this little caravan, she was feeling very sorry for her self. Left unloved, with her a-frame cut off. She was the biggest project James had taken on, but he knew she would look perfect behind his classic Morris tow car.

The sprite 400 was was designed to be towed with the smaller cars of the day. Still up to a 4 berth with a double at the back and bunkbeds at the front. She was the perfect little starter van, so many are still to be found today as they where small enough to be forgotten about in the garden. May being used as little sheds.

Pearl was in quite a bad way when she was found, damp, rotting and most of her furniture missing. James was worried he had taken on to much but I knew he could do it!

Heres what she looked like when she was found.

Looking very sorry for her self.

After a full respray she looks like a different van!

She is a joy to sit in now!

Unfortunately James lost his Nan while resorting this van, Nanny Pearl. He’s named this little pearl after her, and added these lovely photos. One of Nanny Pearl, one of his Grandfather away caravanning and his other lovely Nan with a Morris!

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